Our vegetables are organically grown and sourced first from our own fields, then from other Devon and Cornwall growers and if the local option is unavailable, from other organic growers.

We deliver our boxes weekly to three locations and now offer home delivery  - see our Delivery Options page for more information.

How do I place an order?

Simply log in with your details, choose the vegetable and fruit items to go in your box you want and where you will be picking it up from.  You can then place your order and agree to pay before the delivery date.  We then will pack and deliver the box to your chosen pick up point or home delivery, simple as that.

Please see delivery options page for further details.

Our boxes are designed to be reused several times but at these unusual times we are asking you to recycle your box at home.

How do I pay?

At Elmar Vegetables, we try to minimise bank transaction charges to ensure that every penny of your money will go towards something you can eat and enjoy!  We would prefer you to pay us straight into our bank,  the details for a BACS payment are available when you place your order if you select that option. Or you can send us a cheque.  We do not charge VAT.