Elmar Vegetables Team

Elmar Vegetables are based in Pyworthy, on the border between Devon and North Cornwall, near to the towns of Holsworthy and Bude and offer organic fruit and vegetables to customers through a box delivery scheme.

Since 2008 we have followed organic and permaculture farming practices to produce fruit and vegetables in the most sustainable way possible. We use some of our own seed and only use hand tools in the management of our growing beds. 

We supply fresh, delicious, locally grown organic vegetable and organic fruit boxes to Soil Association Standards and have just had our yearly inspection in November which we passed.

The vast majority of our vegetables are sourced locally from growers in Devon or Cornwall as we feel it is so important to support our local growers and eat seasonally.

We buy extra items from further afield to ensure a larger variety of choice to your vegetable and fruit selection, while maintaining our fresh and high quality.

It is important to us to be able to supply good quality, local, organic produce that our customers know has been produced sustainably, with a minimal impact to the environment in its journey from field to plate.

Why not try one of our nutritious fresh organic Vegetable and Fruit Selection Boxes - you won't be disappointed!

We look forward to meeting you!

Ella + Mark = "Elmar"